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Land: Frankrijk
Categorie: Reisgids
Trefwoord: Provence, Lonely Planet, Parijs, ISBN nummer

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ITMB Maps Montreal & Southern Quebec
Artikelnr: 10631
Continent: Noord-Amerika
Land: Canada
Categorie: Wegenkaarten
Taal: Engels
Schaal: 1:12.500/1:1.100.000
Editie: 2013
ISBN: 9781553413202
Levertijd: 4-8 werkdagen
Schaal: 1:12.500/1:1.100.000
Prijs: € 9,75

ITMB Maps Montreal & Southern Quebec
ITMB Maps Montreal & Southern Quebec is een wegenkaart van Zuidelijk Quebec met een schaal van 1:1.100.000 en een stadsplattegrond van Montreal met een schaal van 1:12.500. De kaart is geprint op waterproof papier. ITMB is een Canadese uitgever van wegenkaarten.

Informatie van de uitgever
2nd Ed. 2013 1:12,500/1:1,100,000 on waterproof paper.
In this second, updated, edition of Canada's third largest city, we have added a user-friendly bonus. As is common now to most of our city maps, we have included a regional map of the hinterland of the urban area, so buyers won't have to purchase a second map to explore the environs of the city being presented. In the case of Montreal, being in a huge geographic country, this means Southern Quebec which, because of its size, dictates a map of more than one to a million scale. In the European context this would be the equivalent of Paris and all of France as a 'regional' map of the surrounds of Paris ? but that's France and this is Canada. Montreal (or Mont Royale in its original) was a village called Hochelaga when the early French explorers arrived in the early 1600s. They established a trading fort and, generally speaking, maintained good relations with the established natives for the next century or so. The English arrived in 1760, having defeated the French under Montcalm at Quebec City the year previously, and English dominance was reaffirmed by the Treaty of Versailles that ended the Seven Years War. The English allowed the continuation of the French language and legal system throughout Quebec and Montreal prospered. They also got on fairly well with the indigenous tribes. The North American fur trade, with its long transportation routes covering the navigable waters of interior rivers and lakes brought wealth and power to the city by exchanging furs for goods.
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