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Land: Frankrijk
Categorie: Reisgids
Trefwoord: Provence, Lonely Planet, Parijs, ISBN nummer

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ITMB Maps Toronto & Southern Ontario
Artikelnr: 10637
Continent: Noord-Amerika
Land: Canada
Categorie: Wegenkaarten
Taal: Engels
Schaal: 1:12.500/ 1:800.000
Editie: 2015
ISBN: 9781553410010
Levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen
Schaal: 1:12.500/ 1:800.000
Prijs: € 10,95

ITMB Maps Toronto & Southern Ontario, ed. 3, 2015
ITMB Maps Toronto & Southern Ontario is een tweezijdig geprinte wegenkaart met aan één kant Zuidelijk Ontario (1:800.000) en aan de andere kant een uitgebreide plattegrond van Toronto (1:12.500), geprint op waterproof papier. Op de kaart staat ook een uitgebreide index.

Informatie van de uitgever
Toronto is Canada's largest city and its main banking and industrial centre. It still retains its historical roots, with Old Fort York (1796) preserved as a museum, the Old Mill, founded by my ancestors, now an upscale restaurant, and the first Free School in the Canada's (1840) still preserved, as well as the Osgoode Hall law courts, Campbell House, and several early public buildings. St. James Cathedral is a treasure trove of plaques commemorating famous Torontonians. This is a tourist map, not a complete city map, like most urban maps published for visitors, so it concentrates on the city core from the waterfront to St. Clair and from High Park east to the Don Valley. Toronto is a huge urban area and it would be impractical to include all the outlying residential areas and still provide travel information such as rapid transit lines, museums, hotels, shopping areas, parks, and the famous CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the world (watch for its shadow on the map). To compensate for not showing the entire urban area we have prepared a regional travel map of southern Ontario for the reverse side. This stretches from Detroit/Windsor in the west to Ottawa (Canada's capital) in the east and from the mining centres of North Bay and Sudbury (home of the world’s largest nickel) in the north to the American border and includes Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. Naturally, Niagara Falls is also included, as well as numerous interesting sites to see, such as the campus of the University of Western Ontario (my Alma Mater), Point Pelee (southernmost point in Canada), the Muskoka lake district, historic Kingston and Perth, and the wilderness treasure of Algonquin Park. Ontario has SO much to offer, and it's all one map!
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