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Land: Frankrijk
Categorie: Reisgids
Trefwoord: Provence, Lonely Planet, Parijs, ISBN nummer

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Insight Guides Southeast Asia
Artikelnr: 12038
Continent: Azie
Categorie: Reisgidsen
Taal: Engels
Bladzijden: 448
Editie: 01/04/2010
ISBN: 9789812821621
Levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen
Prijs: € 21,95

Insight Guides Southeast Asia - A new edition featuring illuminating text written by expert, local writers alongside over 250 new and inspiring full-colour photographs that will bring Southeast Asia's people and places to life, at the turn of a page. From frenetic Manila to laid-back Vientiane and the sands of Ko Samui to Balinese temples and the ruins of Angkor, all attractions and astonishing landscapes are included to ensure you experience the very best of this vibrant and beautiful region. The new 'Best of' feature highlights the top attractions not to be missed and provides the editor's choice of exclusive and unique recommendations, including the best ancient sites, best urban and cultural highlights, most spectacular nature areas, best food and even some useful money-saving tips. An in-depth 'Places' section comprises 26 chapters covering the entire region, from Luang Prabang to Sulawesi and Boracay to Bangkok. All principal sites along the way are conveniently cross-referenced by number to accompanying full-colour maps throughout the guide, to enable instant orientation and easy navigation at a glance. You will also find a comprehensive 'History & Features' chapter that explores Southeast Asia's people, religions, cuisine, arts, crafts, literature and much more to give you an in-depth insight into local cultures. A comprehensive 'Travel Tips' section provides essential practical information, covering transport, accommodation for all budgets, eating out and much more, along with useful contact telephone numbers to help you book activities in advance. The unique combination of insightful exploration alongside practical advice means that this guide truly is a pleasure to read before, during and after your visit.
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