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Land: Frankrijk
Categorie: Reisgids
Trefwoord: Provence, Lonely Planet, Parijs, ISBN nummer

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Dedios Che's Route
Artikelnr: 90015
Continent: Zuid-Amerika
Land: Argentinie
Categorie: Wegenkaarten
Taal: Engels
Editie: 01/12/2004
ISBN: 9789879445297
Levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen
Prijs: € 5,00

Dedios Che's Route - Map Guide thought as an ideal tool to follow Ernesto "Che"Guevara's footsteps in his trip across South America.

The 'must' points of the tour and the details of the 50 main places of the 1952 "Road Trip". From his departure from the Argentine city of Córdoba, famous for its colonial architecture, to the Patagonia, the Seven Lakes circuit, the Andean crossing, the fascinating city of Temuco, the port of Valparaíso, the Atacama desert, the Incas valley, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, the Inca Road, the city of Lima, the still virgin corners of Tingo María, the Ucayali river, Iquitos, the Amazon River and the chaotic and surprising Leticia...

- Trip logbook with the day-by-day itinerary.
- Map of South America with a detailed step-by-step route, the nearby attractions and other interesting spots.
- Distance chart.
- Detailed maps of the most remarkable circuits such as the Seven Lakes, Cuzco and the Bolivian jungle.
- The Argentine places where Ernesto Guevara spent his childhood.
- The road just launched by the English organization that rescues the places of the Bolivian jungle where Che spent his last days is also included.
- Reading pieces and Internet addresses to organize the trip.
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